Sensor size, FF vs APS-C, Micro Four Thirds vs 1” sensors and any other combination one can think of

This is yet another very common discussion which we aren’t really supposed to be having. “Arguments” about how much of a difference makes a difference, assumptions about what is good enough for everyone and statements about how good photos can be taken with any camera. All of this intermixed with real world comparisons of sensors from different generations and from different brands with their respective pricing. Endless.

However, in reality, it is all tradeoffs and subjective decisions, rather than broad generalizations about what is good enough. It is funny how we tend to think that our point of sufficiency is valid for everyone else.

“A good photo can be taken with any camera”
Absolutely true. It can be small, slightly out of focus, with visible flare etc. and still be inspiring or delivering its message. But why wouldn’t people buy the best image quality and flexibility they are willing to spend money on?

That statement is a great argument to not obsess too much about the gear and that understanding composition, color, light etc. is the priority. However, it doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t also invest in good gear, it means only that one shouldn’t think of gear as a replacement for the aforementioned artistic skills.