The upcoming Zeiss 21mm Loxia - a hypothesis

Being a huge fan of wide angle lenses, I am waiting impatiently to see what Zeiss will pull off with its upcoming 21mm Loxia

The Loxia line seems to have only minor changes compared to the ZM one (this redesign, by the way, in my opinion makes it clear that there won’t be a digital Ikon camera, which is a pity). However, the lenses are more expensive (10 to 20%) and heavier (by roughly 40%); although they do feature a de-clickable aperture, which certainly accounts for some of these increases. By following this tiny statistic, the upcoming 21mm 2.8 lens will be 420g and will cost between 1600US and 1700US. However, the current Biogon 21mm has issues on Sony cameras, which means that some kind of redesign will be necessary, which may also affect the numbers.